Disney Springs Drone Show- Orlando’s Newest Attraction

Disney Springs is a fun, entertaining getaway with numerous options for shopping, dining, entertainment, and architectural features of Walt Disney World theme parks.

Are you planning to visit Disney Springs soon? If yes, then the summer would be a great time to do so.

During the summer of 2024, Disney Springs has introduced a new attraction. Disney Dreams That Soar is a drone show developed by AT&T. The show is set to begin at Disney Springs on 24th May.

Disney Dreams That Soar: Disney’s Drone Show

Disney has always been at the forefront of creating magical experiences for their guests. From enchanting theme parks to captivating movies, it’s no surprise that Disney continues to push boundaries and innovate in the entertainment industry.

In Disney Dreams That Soar, 800 drones will take over the night sky above Lake Buena Vista in a magical drone show! The drones will work together in the night sky above the lake to create magic, perpetuating your visit to Disney Springs in your memories.

Be sure to include the Disney Dreams That Soar drone show in your itinerary when visiting Walt Disney World this summer!

Highlights of the Disney Dreams That Soar drone show

  • During the drone show, you will get to see your favorite Disney characters and Disney stories come to life. The drone show lasts for nearly 10 minutes and is guaranteed to mesmerize the visitors.
  • The drone show features fan-favorite characters from a plethora of Disney movies such as Toy Story, Coco, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Up, the Star Wars saga, and more.
  • The drones work together harmoniously to create characters up to 400 feet tall, soaring in the sky, flying, and dancing to your favorite soundtracks. Disney Dreams That Soar drone show aims to ensure everyone sees their favorite characters soar high in the sky!

Words from the Show Director

Talking about the Disney Dreams That Soar drone show, Show Director Tony Giordano said, “We are presenting Disney characters who have had a dream of flying. Not just the idea that they can fly but the idea of taking their lives to the next level. We put a lot of thought into making sure that no matter how old you are or how much of a fan you are, you’ll see a character you love.” (Excerpt from Disney Parks website)

So, make sure you visit this nightly drone show to see this magical drone light show to watch your favorite Disney characters soar through the skies.

Performance Schedule – Disney Dreams That Soar Drone Show

Event schedule- Disney Dreams That Soar will perform nightly from May 24 through September 2, 2024. There will be two 10-minute shows every night.

Timings- Timings for the shows may vary throughout the summer. For a convenient visit, make sure to check DisneySprings.com for the exact schedule.

Viewing area- Along the waterfront at Disney Springs West Side, between Cirque Du Soleil Theatre and Aerophile

Location – 1486 Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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