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Complete Guide To Legoland Florida Rides

Legoland Florida, the second-largest Legoland theme park in the world, features over 50 rides, shows, attractions, and interactive experiences for all ages to enjoy.

If you are planning a trip to Legoland Florida, it can be overwhelming to decide which rides are worth experiencing. To help you out, we have put together a guide to all Legoland rides with a list of our recommendations!

Keep reading to discover the must-experience rides at Legoland Florida.

Rides at Legoland Florida Theme Park

At Legoland Florida, there is something for everyone but with variety comes confusion. Out of 50+ rides at the theme park, here are some of the fan favorites!

The Grand Carousel

Location – Fun Town

Ride type – Family-friendly ride

This double-decker carousel is the centerpiece of Fun Town in Legoland.

Children can choose their favorite horse and giddy up! Children and adults of all ages can enjoy this ride as there is no minimum height requirement. Your kids would love this colorful carousel.

Another benefit is that the colorful carousel is the perfect backdrop for family pictures!

Mia’s Riding Adventure

Location – Heartlake City

Ride type – Disc coaster

This ride is a favorite among kids and adults alike! In this ride, you will join Mia on her epic horseback adventure.

The highlight of the ride is the spinning discs that give riders the sensation of riding a bucking bronco. Don’t miss out on this thrilling experience!

The Great Lego Race

Location – Lego Technic

Ride type – Roller coaster

The Great Lego Race is a roller coaster that takes riders on an action-packed road rally where the laws of physics and aerodynamics only loosely apply.

With sudden drops, sharp turns, and interactive elements, this roller coaster ride is sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

Kids Power Tower

Location – Lego Technic

Ride type – Family-friendly ride

This tower ride is perfect for families with younger children. The ride takes riders up to the top of a tower and then gently brings them back down.

The best part? Kids can control how fast or slow they want to go using the hand crank on their seats!

Aquazone Wave Racers

Location – Lego Technic

Ride type – Family-friendly water ride

Race your friends and other guests in the Aquazone Wave Racers’ boats.

Cool off on a hot day with this family-friendly water ride! Ride on your own Wave Racer and spin around the track, splashing through fountains and geysers.

Don’t forget to use the water cannons to battle other riders as you race to the finish line!


Location – Lego Technic

Ride type – Family-friendly ride

This ride is perfect for families who love to go on rides together. In the Technicycle, you and your family can pedal a Lego car around a circular track.

The faster you pedal, the higher your car goes! It’s a fun and interactive experience that will have everyone laughing and having a great time.

Imagination Zone

Location – Imagination Zone

Ride type – Interactive experience

Have a fantastic time at Imagination Zone, with amazing hands-on Lego activities built for kids!

Next to the outdoor Kid Power Towers attraction, guests can find this indoor space filled with fun games and interactive activities. Your kids will have a great time building and playing with anything imaginable.

Build-a-Raft River

Location – Water Park

Ride type – Water ride

Head to the Water Park for this must-experience water ride! Build-a-Raft River allows you to build your own custom raft using soft Lego bricks and float along a lazy river.

It’s the perfect way to relax and cool off while still enjoying some interactive Lego fun!

Duplo Splash Safari

Location – Water Park

Ride type – Play area with water

Younger children will love the Duplo Splash Safari play area. With slides, interactive water features, and plenty of opportunities to build with Duplo bricks, this is a must-visit for families with young kids.

Lego Wave Pool

Location – Water Park

Ride type – Water ride

Cool off with your family at the Lego Wave Pool. Catch some waves or cool off where the waves are just big enough for all ages to enjoy.

Have a hearty time swimming and cooling off with your family for a leisurely, fun time.

Joker Soaker

Location – Water Park

Ride type – Play area with water

Dive into fun with our interactive play area! Enjoy slides, climbing zones, water spouts, and a refreshing wading pool. Get ready to slide, splash, and soak up the excitement!

The play area is full of slides and swings that are guaranteed to keep your kids engaged.

Twin Chasers

Location – Water Park

Ride type – Water slide

For the thrill-seekers, Twin Chasers is a must-ride at the Water Park! This dual water slide takes you on a thrilling journey through sharp turns and steep drops.

Race your friends or family members to see who can make it to the bottom first!

Splash Out

Location – Water Park

Ride type – Water slide

Thrill seekers are guaranteed to have fun sliding down this giant water slide!

The ride is not for the faint-hearted. So, if you are ready to take on this adventure, buckle up and slide down Splash Out while enjoying the view of the Water Park.

Driving School

Location – Lego City

Ride type – Children’s ride

Let your little ones get behind the wheel and drive their own Lego car in Ford Driving School! Children will learn basic driving skills and traffic rules while having fun on this ride.

It’s a great way for kids to feel like adults and have a sense of independence. Plus, they get to take home a Legoland driver’s license as a souvenir!

N.F.P.A. Rescue Academy

Location – Lego City

Ride type – Interactive experience

In this interactive experience, kids can become firefighters and work together to save a burning building. With water cannons, firehose, and plenty of teamwork involved, this is a must-visit for families with young children!

Coast Guard Academy- Boating School

Location – Lego City

Ride type – Children’s boating ride

Have your little ones become captains and navigate their own lego themed boat in Boating School! It’s a fun and interactive ride that will make them feel like they are out on the open water.

Bonus tip: If you’re visiting during peak season, get to this ride as early as possible to avoid long lines!

Lego Ninjago the Ride

Location – Lego Ninjago World

Ride type – Interactive ride

If you want to become a ninja like your favorite characters from the Ninjago movies, try this ride – blast animated fireballs, lightning, and more at a sinister gallery of villains before teaming up to defeat a powerful foe. Track your score against friends, family, and other guests, and then ride again!


Location – Land of Adventure

Ride type – Roller coaster

Venture into the jungle and embark on a thrilling journey with Coastersaurus! This family-friendly wooden coaster weaves through a prehistoric landscape filled with animated and life-sized Lego brick dinosaurs, offering an exhilarating experience for all ages.

You must go on this ride to enjoy a wholesome and thrilling family adventure on this ride.

Beetle Bounce

Location – Land of Adventure

Ride type – Children’s drop ride

Get ready to get launched up into the air on this fun family ride! The Beetle Bounce mimics a beetle’s jump, taking riders up to 15 feet in the air.

Just like a real beetle, you’ll experience weightlessness and free-fall before bouncing back down to earth!

Pirate River Quest

Location- Pirate Shores

Ride type- Water ride

Set sail on this thrilling water ride that takes you through a pirate-infested river! Keep an eye out for hidden treasure and be prepared to get wet as you navigate through the twists and turns.

The Lost Kingdom Adventure

Location – Land of Adventure

Ride type – Interactive ride

In the Lost Kingdom Adventure, you will jump onboard your desert off-roader vehicle, use your laser gun to aim, and help the Lego adventurers battle Lego mummies and skeletons to find the hidden treasure! Compete and try to win against your fellow riders.

The ride takes kids on an adventure through the lost Egyptian kingdom while they fight against mummies.

Royal Joust

Location – Lego Kingdoms

Ride type – Interactive horse-ride

Get ready to joust like a knight in this interactive ride fit for royalty! Children can choose their own lego horse and joust as they race through the medieval village.

It’s a fun and imaginative experience that will make kids feel like they are living in a fairytale. Don’t forget your crown or sword for the perfect photo opportunity!

The Dragon

Location – Lego Kingdoms

Ride type – Roller coaster

Experience the thrill of conquering the twists and turns of this indoor/outdoor steel roller coaster, where fun reigns supreme and there’s nothing to fear!

Feel the dragon’s breath on your face as you explore life within the enchanted Legoland Florida Resort castle, then soar into the sky on the friendly green dragon.

Enjoy a ride on a huge dragon soaring through the sky on this attraction.

Merlin’s Challenge

Location – Lego Kingdoms

Ride type – Train ride

Embark on a mystical wooden train ride powered by a wizard’s magic. As you spin through the enchantment, you’ll be captivated by a medieval spell.

This thrilling experience is perfect for young riders as the train surges up and down the tracks. Your children would love this ride with its thrilling, dizzying experience.

Duplo Tractor

Location – Duplo Valley

Ride type – Interactive children’s ride

In Duplo Valley, little ones can get behind the wheel of their own tractor and drive through a colorful farm landscape.

With plenty of interactive elements and fun photo opportunities, this ride is perfect for young children.

Duplo Train

Location – Duplo Valley

Ride type – Family-friendly train ride

Toddlers can embark on a train journey alone or with their parents to explore picturesque countryside scenery, passing by farms, fishing spots, and campgrounds.

The Duplo play area is perfect for toddlers as it takes the kids on a journey through beautiful green countryside, lakes, and camping grounds.

Duplo Splash & Play

Location – Duplo Valley

Ride type – Play area with water

A fun and refreshing play area is set among larger-than-life farm animals, featuring intermittent water spouts and interactive water elements. The play area is built for toddlers to ensure their enjoyment and safety so you can be assured that your children are playing safely.

The Lego Movie Masters of Flight

Location – The Lego Movie World

Ride type – Interactive ride

Hop aboard Emmet’s Triple Decker Flying Couch!

This flying theater attraction takes guests on an exhilarating adventure, featuring a suspended ride with a full-dome virtual screen. Experience the thrilling sensation of flying alongside familiar and new faces, including Sweet Mayhem.

Battle of Bricksburg

Location – The Lego Movie World

Ride type – Family-friendly interactive water ride

Beware, you will get wet on this ride!

At the Battle of Bricksburg water ride, riders are called upon to help defend Bricksburg by spraying the evil Duplo alien invaders and helping stop them from invading and stealing Lego bricks.

Other Attractions at Legoland Florida Resort

Other than rides focused on kids and their families, there are multiple other attractions at Legoland Florida Resort that you must see. Some of the attractions are mentioned below:

The Big Shop

Located near the theme park entrance, The Big Shop is the perfect place for visitors to buy souvenirs.

To remember your trip to Legoland Florida, you can visit The Big Shop and buy Lego toy sets, Lego exclusives, apparel, and other souvenirs.

Lego Factory Experience

Located in Fun Town in the Legoland Florida Theme Park, the Lego Factory Experience allows you to find whichever specific Lego pieces you have been missing in your collection.

Here, you can even get a Lego brick engraved with your name!

Fun Town 4D Theater

Want to relax for a bit during a tiring day at Legoland? Fun Town 4D Theater is the perfect place to visit with your family.

Here, you can relax while watching 4D movies such as Officer in Pursuit, Z Blob Rescue Rush, or LEGO Friends 4D Alien Invasion.

Miniland USA

In Miniland USA, you can see miniature structures of California, Daytona International Speedway, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, Las Vegas, New York, Pirate Shores, and Washington D.C.

The mesmerizing structures are made of more than 32 million Lego bricks.

Cypress Gardens

Inside the park are the beautiful and historic Cypress Gardens botanical gardens that have been a Florida staple since 1939.

The gardens are a horticultural masterpiece with exotic plants from all over the world, such as over 30 kinds of palms, 10 varieties of banana trees, 15 types of azaleas, 10 kinds of camellias, and more, and are kept in pristine condition.

The gardens are also home to a giant Banyan tree that was planted as a seedling in 1939!

World’s First Peppa Pig Theme Park Only at Legoland Resort Florida

If your family consists of some children then take your kids along and enjoy at the popular family destination- Peppa Pig Theme Park.

The theme park features a variety of attractions for Kids, including:

  • Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride
  • George’s Dinosaur Adventure
  • Peppa’s Windy Castle
  • Daddy Pig’s Car Ride
  • Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster

Orlando99’s Legoland Recommendations

Since this article has listed so many rides and attractions, keeping in mind various age groups and preferences. Here are the top recommendations for attractions you should not miss out on!

  • Kid Power Towers
  • Driving School
  • Coast Guard Academy
  • Build-a-raft Lazy River
  • Aquazone Wave Racers
  •  Coastersaurus
  •  Joker Soaker
  •  Splash Out
  •  Twin Chasers

This was our guide to rides and attractions at Legoland Florida and by the end it’s safe to make the statement that this theme park’s rides, roller coasters, and attractions are designed by keeping children in mind, making it a perfect destination for children with families.

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